Sound Business Management was started in 2011 with the goal of providing specialized financial management to musicians. Keeping track of details such as mechanical royalties, sales tax, tour support, and the many other aspects of the music business can be overwhelming. With Sound Business Management on your team, everything will be accounted for so that you can focus on your music.

Evan Blanc

Evan Blanc is a CPA and the founder of Sound Business Management. He has worked in some part of the music industry for the past 10 years, starting as a booking agent. He’s also the father of four kids (a daughter and triplets), so he stays pretty busy. He enjoys going to concerts, eating Mexican food, and spending time outdoors.

Julie Hayes

Julie Hayes was born and raised behind the piney curtain of Tyler, Texas but has lived in the great city of Austin for 9 years. Since graduating from Austin College in Sherman, TX, Julie has worked in accounting and tax for 7 years and in sales and marketing for 2 years. During her free time, Julie enjoys spending time with her husband, her son, their two dogs and cat, traveling, and reading.

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